The CCNR offers long-term amateur projects.

We want to engage participants to practice, explore, feel, and open up the imagination.

February 5th 2022


An evening in which you are both the hosts
and the main actors!

Le Bal du CCNR

To start the year off right, the CCNR invites young and old to celebrate dance at a festive and original ball! This ball will take place in a joyful and sensitive atmosphere and will give everyone, the opportunity to dance in total freedom, thanks to the know-how and artistic talent of the choreographers and dancers.

See you on February 5, 2022 at the MJC Ô Totem in Rillieux-la-Pape, for the next edition led by Thibault Desaules and the dancers of YuPi!

Call for participation

Become a Ball Supermaster!

Saturdays January 15+29th 2022, from 1.30 to 6.30 pm

During preparatory workshops at the Velette studio, Thibault Desaules and the dancers from YuPi will transmit the energy and choreographic mouvements of the Ball. You will become an ambassador on the evening of the Ball!

Infos & reservations :
Adriana Falcone
04 72 01 12 30



20 amateurs are engaged
in the creative process of a piece

Brasero © Paoline Sotar

In 2021, the Danser Sans Frontières association and the CCNR are offering to 20 amateurs the opportunity to take part in a participatory and intergenerational choreographic creation project, led by Thibault Desaules: Brasero. 

In order to build together a piece borrowing from each other’s personalities, the group meets regularly at the Velette studio. In the end, Brasero is presented on various occasions: on June 27 and July 3, 2021 in the Velette schoolyard in Rillieux-la-Pape, then on July 5, 2021 in Lyon as part of the Tout l’monde dehors festival!

“Playing a role, a caricature. We all have our habits, in our daily life, in our work, in our relationships with others. Our body language adapts to it. How to simply be in a complex ecosystem. Can we, in this infinite omniscience, rethink its habits and allow ourselves the opportunity to do otherwise. We are all influenced by codes and standards, we will be happy to revisit them.

For this work process I want to have a transparent and direct exchange with the participants: that we build the piece together through improvisation and each other’s curiosity. I will bring the sketches and they will fill them with their colors through their personal experiences. Let’s have fun!” 🙂

— Thibault Desaules

Meet outside!

Brasero was presented on

Sunday June 27th at 4 pm – Velette Schoolyard (Rillieux-la-Pape)

Saturday July 3rd at 6 pm – Velette Schoolyard as part of the Cocotte festival

Monday July 5th at 7 and 8.30 pm – Jeanne Jugan Park as part of Tout l’monde dehors ! (Lyon)



Transmission of Yuval Pick's piece to a group of amateurs

As part of the Amateur Dance and Repertoire program, the association Un pit R de danse has decided to cover Yuval Pick’s piece, Folks. With this project, the group wishes to develop the sense of the collective and the individual qualities of each performer.

Motivated by the idea of ​​the collective and the desire to share projects, the association  was formed in 2017 in Avignon. In order to go beyond the simple technical course, the members wanted to form a group that would meet during a choreographic workshop where improvisation, writing and instant composition would hold an important place. It is a way for everyone to develop their outlook on the world, their musicality and the encounter with others. The group meets weekly and regularly presents small or large forms in public space.

Very committed to gesture, rhythm and its inscription in space, the piece Folks is inspired by Israeli folk dances. It is made up of ruptures and repetitions, constantly in the process of reconstituting a balance in movement. For this piece, Yuval Pick was interested in being together. It was this idea that particularly appealed to the association and guided the choice of the piece.

Folks is a single 35 minutes sequence written for 7 dancers. The excerpt chosen for the group is an adaptation for 11 dancers which corresponds to the first 15 minutes of the piece. The transmission is conducted by one of the performers of the play, Lazare Huet.

at the theater!

An excerpt from Folks will be presented at a national meeting in the spring of 2023.

Past projects


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