“I am fascinated by the way groups can transform a space through the organic addition of identities. My work is about making bodies interact, starting from the idea that each of us examines our world and our own essence by combining with others.”

Yuval Pick

The artistic project

Yuval Pick’s artistic project at CCNR is based on three needs: the urgency of creating a common space where everyone can experience their uniqueness; the need to support the art of dance and choreographic writing; and the importance of developing and increasing the visibility of the dancer’s place in society as a performer – transmitter – creator.

Yuval Pick’s pieces and CCNR’s other activities are born from these three axes.

One of the distinctive features of Yuval Pick’s project is the presence of a group of permanent dancers at the Centre Chorégraphique National. A permanent company creates a dynamic that allows the writing of movement to be done in greater depth, and also enables the team to build and establish a repertoire. The existence of a permanent company also assures the complete conception of the artist-performer, putting our dancers at the heart of the creative process. Project after project, the creativity of each individual develops and the dialogue between the choreographer and dancers is enriched.

The building

Designed by architects:

Patrick Bouchain, Loïc Julienne
and Sébastien Eymard

The Centre Chorégraphique National of Rillieux-la-Pape occupies a space specifically designed and built for its activities. The new workspace, purpose-built by Parisian architects Patrick Bouchain, Loïc Julienne and Sébastien Eymard, was inaugurated in 2006, when it became the home of the company led by Maguy Marin, who had become head of CCNR in 1998.

The CCNR building is located in the heart of the district of La Velette in the new city, and boasts panoramic views of the valley around Lyon metropolitan area. The framework and flooring are made of wood, which has significant benefits: it is warm, has great acoustics, is environmentally friendly, and also gives the space its unique character. Although the building’s appearance clearly contrasts with those around it, it nonetheless integrates well into the urban landscape, rising up like a tower of dance with numerous openings to the exterior. 

The team

For reservations, registrations and contacts:

Yuval Pick

Serge Kolski

General secretary
Ophélie Coq

Permanent dancers
Noémie De Almeida Ferreira
Madoka Kobayashi

YuPi dancers 23/24
Lucie Besançon
Johanna Ekström
Laurie Kokoreff-Brütt
Raphaël Quintanel
Florian Roger-Homs

Artistic coordinator and choreographic assistant
Sharon Eskenazi

In charge of production and administration
Anouk Armandet

Media & Cultural projects coordinator
Frédéric Merme

Relay teacher
Elodie Morelon

Secretariat, visitors and project coordinator
Adriana Falcone

Communication and press relations manager
Honorine Reussard

Communication assistant in apprenticeship
Sara Capaldi

Technical Director
Thalie Lurault

Site Manager
Jean-Philippe Rabilloud

Mary Carmel Drapeau

Production Les Yeux Dans Les Mots
Jonathan Boyer

The board


Jean-François Marguerin
Thierry Léonardi
Mélanie Garrabos


Arnaud Antolinos
Monique Barbaroux
Yvon Deschamps
Jean-Michel Gremillet
Nadjima Mchangama
Florence Poudru
Jean-Paul Rodet
Nadjima Saïdou