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Associate Artist

The Company

The members of Relevant Dance Company are all from Lyon.
They decided to form their own company in 2016 after taking part in “Ba-bel 8.3”, a participatory project led by the Maison de la Danse de Lyon and choreographed by Abou Lagraa. They are interested in exploring other dance styles and worlds, motivated and driven by the creative energy of hip-hop. Their aim is to address human and social issues, all the while challenging and questioning contemporary society.



For this new creation, a quintet, the company wants to deal with the particularity of each member who makes up a group. What is the relationship between the individual and the group? The individual is built and nourished by the group, and the group allows the identity of each member to develop. To address this notion of individuality within the group, the particularities and qualities of each dancer will be brought to the fore. Throughout the piece, each dancer’s own movements will be highlighted, like an ode to difference.

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Winner of Hip Hop Games 2019

Upshot examines the behaviors, habits and attitudes of individuals when faced with a group. Excluded, included, marginalized. In turn, each of the dancers use their own distinct choreographic vocabulary to interpret different social roles, drawing on the tools they already have and those they must acquire to join the group. Their movements and bodies become a way of representing themselves to others, of talking about themselves, of starting a dialogue. This piece dramatizes the confrontation between individual and group, the degrees of inclusion or exclusion, and takes us on a journey that explores symbols and representations of the self.

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Agenda 2024

STAND OUT (extracts) — January 29 to February 2 at the CCNR dance studio, Rillieux-la-Pape*
— March 19 at the Théâtre Astrée, Villeurbanne
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Upshot — June 13 at Paul Emile Victor Middle School, Rillieux-la-Pape*
Bal hip-hop — July 6 on CCNR forecourt, Rillieux-la-Pape, as part of festival Cocotte 2024

*Reserved for specific audiences only

The dancers

He has developed a way of moving that is both powerful and sensitive. His dance practice is enriched by a theatricality and emotional quality that reinforces the choreographic vocabulary he learned during his training as a performer. He was 15 when he discovered hip-hop, and after teaching himself for a few years, he decided to turn professional. He has worked with HKC dance company since 2018.

The following year, he was introduced to the world of creation when he joined a project by Subterfuge dance company. His curiosity and desire to learn led him to discover contemporary dance styles such as those of Jann Galloi, Mickaël Le Mer and David Drouard. Freddy’s dancing is fluid and explosive. He also works with Ma’ and HKC dance companies.

HE joined Formation ID in 2017–2018 with the goal of becoming a professional dancer. Jérôme’s approach to dance is very musical, and he has created a unique style by blending elements of contemporary dance, b-boying and house dance. His curiosity has led him to develop a multifaceted style of dance. Brutal, energetic yet gentle, Jérôme takes us into his universe. He joined Relevant dance company in 2018, and also works with other companies in the Lyon region and beyond.

He later explored Latin dance (Rumba, Salsa, Bachata), and at 18 started teaching hip-hop. He developed a passion for educating and meeting people. In 2018 he joined Formation ID, which runs classes and professional workshops for hip-hop dancers. He continues to teach but prefers performing, and joined Relevant as a dancer. His dance training has given him a keen interest in contemporary dance, and he enriches his own dancing with increasingly diverse styles. He has developed a dance style that mixes the technique and energy of hip-hop with the theatricality and sensitivity of contemporary dance.
He has worked with De Fakto, Kham and David Drouard dance companies.

He then attended classes overseen by Foued Chaia at the Centre Social des États-Unis in Lyon. After taking part in the Babel 8.3 project, he created Relevant company and began to train as a professional dancer when he was only 16. Karym has since been influenced by many different styles, and has an open-minded attitude that allows him to discover and practice other dance styles. His curiosity feeds his choreographic work, and he has developed a hybrid style that combines powerful, explosive moves with a very ethereal aesthetic. Karym has taken part in several creations by the choreographer Abou Lagraa. He also performs with HKC dance company.