Hydra invites the public to participate in a collective experience, a ritual for a community of our time.

Yuval Pick makes time and space so dense you can feel them. His fascination with the energy coming from moving bodies, how spaces are shaped and how they interact with sound materials has led him to create a project for site-specific venues (museums, monasteries, abbeys, and public areas).
In 2016, he premiered Hydra in partnership with the French National Monuments Center for the program “Monuments in Movement #2”.

Yuval Pick is interested in using movement and sound to reveal the memory held within a space and its architecture. He brings the venue’s various layers of time into interaction with the physical presence of the dancers and the audience. In this way, Hydra transforms every venue, giving rise to a new experience.
Hydra gives the audience a possibility to reorganize their perception of the venue’s space.

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Le Petit Bulletin

Jean-Emmanuel Denave
June 2017

“The Hydre trio confronts the dancers’ organic movement with the mineral memory of an architecture, and restores body and sensitivity to a place.”

I/O Gazette

Julien Avril
Spring 2018

Hydra is a single body with many heads. And Yuval Pick narrates precisely this permanent dichotomy between our individual and collective desires, and the search for social meaning that ensues from it.”

Around the creation

Teaser of Hydra in The Royal Monastery of Brou


Choreography: Yuval Pick
Choreographic assistant: Sharon Eskenazi
Dancers: Noémie De Almeida Ferreira, Madoka Kobayashi, Thibault Desaules, Alejandro Fuster Guillén, Guillaume Forestier
Sound Creation: Max Bruckert

Music: Samuel Sighicelli
And silver light popped in his eyes de Matmos 
Drones and Piano, part I, III-8th tune, IV et Finale de Nico Mulhy

Costumes: Emilie Piat et Pierre-Yves Loup-Forest
Set design: Bénédicte Jolys 
Lights: Ludovic Bouaud  
Sound: Pierre-Jean Heude
Technical Direction: Thalie Lurault  

CCNR / Direction Yuval Pick 
Centre des Monuments Nationaux

Old creation crew: Julie Charbonnier, Adrien Martins

Photos: Laurence Danière, Mélanie Scherer, Alina Usurelu



23 octobre 2021 à 16h30
Musée des Confluences, Lyon
Réservations sur museedesconfluences.fr
8 juin 2021
Usines Fagor-Brant, dans le cadre de La Biennale de la danse de Lyon


12 juin 2019
Théâtre de Verdure, Rillieux-la-Pape
30 + 31 mai 2019
Glyptothèque de Zagreb (Croatie)


10 + 11 novembre 2018
National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts - Weiwuying (Taïwan)
3 + 4 novembre 2018
Outdoor Performance Festival of Guangzhou (Chine)
31 octobre 2018
Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Guangzhou (Chine)


16 juin 2018
Musée d'Art Contemporain de Lyon
8 juin 2018
Festival Tours d'Horizons, Tours


16 septembre 2017
Abbaye de Royaumont (95)
Dans le cadre de l'Abbaye en mouvement
9 juin 2017
LAM, Lille Métropole Musée d'Art Moderne
Dans le cadre du festival Les Latitudes Contemporaines
6 juin 2017
RCUB à Bucarest (Roumanie)
Dans le cadre du France Danse Orient-Express


2 + 3 juin 2017
Lycée Sainte-Pulchérie d'Istanbul (Turquie)
Dans le cadre du France Danse Orient-Express
10 mai 2017
Abbaye de Cluny
Dans le cadre de Monuments en mouvement #3


23 + 24 juillet 2016
Monastère Royal de Brou, Bourg-en-Bresse
Première française - Dans le cadre de Monuments en mouvement #2