Fanny Gombert

Company Les boraldes dansent


Fanny Gombert, YUNI © DR


August 29 to September 2 2022

La Chapelle de la Buissière (Rillieux-la-Pape)

As part of the Matières Premières project

Emotion in the face of history and memory is the motor of wonder in the present.

YUNI is a creation for heritage spaces. Immersed in places or in the landscape, YUNI seeks to amplify the feeling of universality and grandiosity that inhabits us in such spaces.

The breath of the bagpipes and the energy of the performer’s body awaken and question the way we look at the time of things. Together, the dancer and the musician seek to create an experience of union. The union between past and present culture, between artists and audiences, between man and heritage.

Living totems, they evolve on a scenographic device of ground/mirror which comes at the same time to inflate the volumes and to rhythm the shape of the bodies. The meeting between the reflection of the heritage and the futuristic texture of the floor/mirror accompanies the choreographic piece and questions the links between tradition and modernity. The spectators, arranged in a bi-frontal way, are reflected in this corridor “out of time” and take part in the sound and choreographic dialogue which is built here and now in the heritage.

More information on the website Les boraldes dansent.

Demo : Thursday September 1st 2022 in La Chapelle de la Buissière (Rillieux-la-Pape)
Free on reservation:


Choreographer & dancer: Fanny Gombert

Bagpipe musician: Antoine Charpentier
Set design: SOPLO Marine Brunet, Manon Ravel
Outside look: Caroline Jaubert