I'm a bruja

Annabel Guérédrat, I'm a bruja © JB Barret

September 20 + 21, 2023
at 4:55pm & 4:45pm

Les SUBS, Lyon

Alone on stage, the choreographer and performer Annabel Guérédrat embodies several witches and conjures various female identities such as philosopher Elsa Dorlin, singer Nina Hagen and rapper Princess Nokia to speak of female intimacy. Whether naked, covered in glitter or paint, or in drag, she crafts a singular gestural vocabulary that draws from Yoruba and Caribbean rituals used in Afro-Caribbean culture.

I’m a bruja is programmed as part of the Plateforme 2023.

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2018 / Creation for one performer


Author, designer, performer: Annabel Guérédrat
Stage design: Henri Tauliaut
Music: Marvin Fabien & Renaud Bajeux Lights Suzanne Péchenart & Torriep
Artistic eye: Christophe Haleb
Academic insight: Paola Lavra

Production: Artincidence Cie

Supported by: la structuration Dac Martinique, l’aide à la création de la Collectivité Territoriale de Martinique, les coproducteurs Korzémo and le petit théâtre de Redoute, le FEAC (Ministères des Outre-Mer and de la Culture and de la communication) Studio reception in Dans les Parages (Cie La Zouze, Marseille), in Korzémo (Ducos, Martinique) and in Tropiques Atrium, scène nationale de Martinique

Lenght: 55 min

Photo © JB Barret