Adrien & Alice


Echoes' Fantasy

Alice et Adriens Martins, Echoes' Fantasy


October 18th to 22th 2021

La Velette Studio / CCNR

As part of the Matières Premières project

Note of intent

Two people are living their everyday lives. Stuck on a loop in a common space, each of them is however confined in its own world. Between tragedy and joy, these figures reveal their imaginary world, past and loneliness through particular gestures in echo with their surroundings. Taming their objets, the protagonists find one another : they are continuously trying to make contact with the « other ». 

They metamorphose and get dressed in their own outfits. Drawing on the daily objects, the electronic devices and the fantastic, these individuals become creatures, invent a hybrid language and recreate their own rituals. Through these artifices and by shaping the space, mutant bodies spread out, free themselves and carry us away in their realm.

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Demo : October 21st 2021 at La Velette Studio – 7:30 PM 


Choreographer and dancer: Adrien Martins
Artistic collaboration: Alice Martins
Costumes: Charlotte Pistien
Production: Objet Global