CCNR offers dance practice workshops for amateurs of all ages and skill levels, from children and teenagers to adults, and beginners to experienced dancers.

Designed to be sensory journeys of discovery in which the simple pleasure of dancing is essential, our dance workshops thrive on encounters and participants exchanging ideas.

We want to inspire participants to practice, explore, feel and spark their imaginations.

on danse


Dance workshops to build on your practice
For experienced amateurs aged 17 and above

ateliers Samedi on danse au CCNR (2023) © Honorine Reussard

Every quarter CCNR offers a one-day Saturday workshop based on the Practice method developed by Yuval Pick, and led by a CCNR dancer.

Since the early 2000s, Yuval Pick has created more than twenty choreographic pieces. Their writing draws on a method called Practice, which is both a philosophy of the body and a set of unique experiences of the self.

Practice has taken shape from one piece to the next, with Yuval Pick drawing on his research and experiments to develop another way of dancing, by inviting performers to perceive their bodies differently and experience a new state of mind freed from old habits.

CCNR studio

Saturday from 10am to 4pm :
December 9, 2023
March 9, 2024
April 6, 2024
May 25, 2024

50 €

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16 square Koenig,
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