Nous Voilà !

Thursday, June 2, 2022 - 3:30 pm + 7:30 pm
Studio de la Velette in Rillieux-la-Pape

A major event dedicated to youth and artistic emergence, Nous voilà ! invites you to discover the dancers of YuPi – a travelling group for integration and creation – on stage.
Mio Fusho, Simon Hervé, Axel Escot and Jade Sarette, who form the first class of YuPi, will present two pieces:

  • Having Fun, a 2022 creation by Jérôme Oussou, will give its first performance ;
  • Pazaz, a piece from Yuval Pick’s repertoire, created in 2020.

Nous voilà ! Come and experience the first artistic steps of four young dancers!

On the


Having Fun, Jérôme Oussou

2022 creation

Having Fun is about the notions of fun and pleasure. How do you immerse yourself in a state of total concentration while letting go and relaxing?

The four performers will appropriate the stage or “play” space by establishing a connection, perceptible or not, with the audience. This space will enable them to show their strength and reveal their emotions while pushing them out of their comfort zone. As a group and individually, they will enjoy doing and being. What sensations and feelings will they trigger in the audience?

Pazaz, Yuval Pick

2020 creation

Yuval Pick takes his choreographic art outdoors and plays with the contours of his setting, its edges and curves, downstrokes and upstrokes, volumes and cavities. Above all, it is a matter of recreating a public space with sensitivity and kindness, a space that might foster understanding.

The permanent dancers of the CCNR will reinterpret Yuval Pick’s writing in real time. Mingling with the public, they present their dance in public spaces, creating an emotional, festive shared experience in three unusual cultural places.

Free on registration :

Adriana Falcone
04 72 01 12 30

More information about YuPi here here.

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Pour les demandes “accueil-studio” sur l’année 2021.
Suite à l’incendie qui a endommagé une partie du Centre Chorégraphique National de Rillieux-la-Pape en octobre 2017, nous ne serons pas en mesure d’assurer une mise à disposition d’espace pour l’année 2020. Nous vous informerons des conditions d’accueil en fonction de l’évolution de la situation du bâtiment. 
Les apports en coproduction sont maintenus, pour nous adresser votre demande merci de nous envoyer vos dossiers comprenant :

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• Une présentation de la compagnie
• Le budget prévisionnel du projet
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