Compagnie Relevant © Julie Cherki

Open classes

May 27 to 31, 2024

CCNR's dance studio

10am - 11:30am

The Relevant Company is made up of five dancers, choreographers and teachers with different artistic qualities: Marwan Kadded, Freddy Madodé, Jérôme Oussou, David Walther and Karym Zoubert. All coming from hip-hop practice, they created their own company in 2016. Their desire is to reach out to other dances and other worlds, motivated and driven by the creative energy of hip-hop. In Upshot, the company’s first piece, they experiment with movement and the body as a way of introducing themselves to others, talking about themselves, starting a dialogue.

Compagnie Relevant is associated artist at CCNR/Yuval (2022-2024).


During open classes, the choreographers invite participants to discover the universe and movements developed by the company. A style inspired by hip-hop and nourished by encounters with other disciplines, notably contemporary dance. An instinctive dance, whose almost tribal energy brings together movements drawn from improvisations, in a connected whole. They also work on musicality and the connection between dancers.

For professional dancers only

Price: €6 per class
(€50 for 10 classes*)

Adriana Falcone

*Among all the open courses offered by the CCNR during the 23/24 season

Photo © Julie Cherki