Les Fontaines

Visit La Demeure du Chaos in motion.

For this tour choreographed by Yuval Pick, your guides will be Alejandro Fuster Guillén and Emanuele Piras, permanent dancers of the CCNR.

Nourished by the chaos of the place, the dancers’ movements will reveal the multiple and organic dimension that lies hidden in everyone. The public will have a total sensory experience as they wander through the key works and installations of La Demeure du Chaos. Through their presence and their dance, the two dancers will give another point of view on this exceptional collection.

Soon you will see new dates and locations for this event


Choreographer: Yuval Pick
Assistant choreographer: Sharon Eskenazi
Performers: Alejandro Fuster Guillén, Emanuele Piras

Production: CCNR/Yuval Pick
Coproduction: La Demeure du Chaos

Photo credit: Honorine Reussard
Duration: 25 min approximately



June 25, 2022 at 3, 4 and 5 PM
La Demeure du Chaos - Saint-Romain-au-Mont d'Or (France)
Free access