“Is there an ideal place, a possible place? This piece examines the idea of looking for one’s place, both as an individual and a group. I say looking for, rather than finding, because I think this place is always in movement.”

For Yuval Pick, dance is above all a way of being in the world: “I do not dance for pleasure, but in order to connect differently with the world. My dance is driven by instinctive, incarnate things. Through it, I try to preserve something essential.”


Fully engaged in its movement, its quality, its rhythm, its presence in the space –- and devoid of any narrativity, Yuval Pick’s dance cannot be summed up as a purely formal exercise. His choreography consists of difficult passages alternating breaks and re‑grouping, unending attempts to find balance in movement. His work is imbued with exceptional expressivity, due in large part to the presence of his dancers, their commitment and power. Each work advances the effort a little farther to the point where forces are thinned out, the bodies entirely focused on their tasks. The dancers are fully invested in the idea and in the dance.

Around the creation

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Folks, Yuval Pick © L. Philippe
Folks, Yuval Pick © L. Philippe
Folks, Yuval Pick © L. Philippe


Choreography: Yuval Pick

Dancers in 2014: Smaïn Boucetta, Lazare Huet, Madoka Kobayashi, Frank Kohler, Anna Massoni, Francesca Mattavelli, Antoine Roux-Briffaud

Assistant: Nadia Perlov

Dramaturgy advice: Maxime Fleuriot

Music: The Chilps

Lighting and set design: Nicolas Boudier

Set design assitant: Caroline Oriot

Costumes: Magali Rizzo with Aude Bretagne




Production: CCNR / Direction Yuval Pick

Coproduction: Biennale de la danse de Lyon, Théâtre National de Chaillot,

La Rampe-La Ponatière / Scène conventionnée danse et musique d’Échirolles (38)


© Laurent Phillipe

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