Tom Grand


- Solitude 91 - 

- Solitude 91 - Tom Grand Mourcel © Romain-Etienne


Automn 2023


As part of the Matières Premières project

“Identity is in motion, it is an action, it is alive. It is forward-looking and will end when we die.”
Wajdi Mouawad.

But then what traces are left?
What is our foundation?
What differentiates us from each other?
How can we feel that we belong to a culture, to a community, if our identity is constantly in motion?

If this is the case, we are a transitory body.
“We don’t invent anything, we just see it differently.”
Phia Ménard.

Our gestures are only appropriation and transformation.

Through this solo, I would like to question what motivates change and, beyond that, modifies our identity.

What are the factors of transformation?
What influences the transformation?
What are the intermediate movements?
Does a gesture have a beginning and an end?

In – Solitude 91-, I would like to shape a process of identity transformation of a gesture and a music.
Going back to the origins of my movement will be the starting point.

— Tom Grand Mourcel

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Photo credit ©️ Romain-Etienne