Simon Feltz-Grains


May 29 to June 3, 2023

La Velette Studio / CCNR

As part of the Accueil-studio project

With Grains, choreographic creation for six performers, Simon Feltz continues to explore the relationship between language and body. In this work, he focuses on the progression of the language and body interaction in the specific time interval of the amorous/carnal encounter.
Indeed, as physical contact between the partners increases, linguistic communication decreases in favour of a more impulsive mode of communication, aiming at signifying pleasure. This permeability from one mode of communication to another constitutes the heart of this creation. As the performers’ bodies get closer together, their vocal scores are transformed. Letting the language fade away to surrender to the contact of the other, the dancers’ bodies turn into a wave : the wave of words breaking on the reef of jouissance.

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Studio’s opening : (in progress)
Free on reservation:

Premiere : (in progress)

Casting (in progress)

Choreographer : Simon Feltz
Performers : Chloé Zamboni, Camille Revol, Adrien Martins, Anthony Roques, Julien Ferranti, Pauline Colemard
Composer : Arthur Vonfelt
Scenographer, Lighting designer : Thibaut Fack

Partners : Pacifique…