Marie Gourdain

& Felix Baumann


Seismic, Marie Gourdain © Darja Lukjanenko


May 16 to 29, 2022

Les SUBS, Lyon

As part of the Matières Premières project

SEISMIC (2021/22) is a two-year project on the boundaries of contemporary dance, physical theatre and stage design composition initiated by the newly-formed pairing of the choreographer and scenographer Marie Gourdain (FR/CZ), and the director and performer Felix Baumann (DE/CZ). In 2021 the project will kick off with a research on the relation between the performing body and the scenographic construction at the heart of the project.

For their newest work, the author duo has chosen the setting of an extremely unstable and shaky stage that reverberates to the movements of the dancers. The floor, made of simple structural elements, allows the actions of one performer to impact the other bodies in the space. The instability of the platform and its constant shaking will modify the essence of the performers’ movements and challenge their way of moving through the space. Based on the relationship between the body and the scenographic materials, Gourdain and Baumann will define a specific dance vocabulary and the core of the dramaturgical concept of the piece. To enrich the research, the figure of the clown will be used as a choreographic tool with the intention of creating an absurd imaginary in which humorous and tragicomic situations can emerge.

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Demo : May 25th at 7 pm
Les SUBS, Lyon


Concept, choreography & direction: Marie Gourdain & Felix Baumann
Dancers: Felix Baumann, Till Jenewein, Sean Henderson, Halka Trešnaková 
Set design : Marie Gourdain & Felix Baumann with Jan Tomšu
Light creation: Zuzana Rezná

Production : Collectif tYhle | Von B bis Z | Matière Mobile

Coproductions : Tanec Praha / PONEC – dance venue,
Studio ALTA, Prague (République tchèque)
LOFFT das theater, Leipzig (Allemagne)

Residencies : REZI.DANCE, Komařice (République tchèque), Schloss Bröllin (Allemagne)