Lee / Vakulya

Chen-Wei Lee


Weiwei Chen-Wei Lee / CCNR/Yuval Pick



La Velette Studio / CCNR

As part of the Accueil-studio project

The base of the creation is our desire for dance and performance. To reach that, we inspire from the burnout syndrome develops in an individual and how does it effect her surrounding, in our case, a three performer mini-society. The physical research of this show will be based on the form of our previous show Together Alone. Being based on only means that we continue from where we left it. Already the creation of TA we have recognised that this research has a lot more to offer. The close proximity and the limitation in terms of physical freedom vs. receiving support and being completed by another as one unit is a very exciting field to us. Sensible and poetic, challenging. However, before spending weeks in the studio without long hours work, we don’t want to over-plan this creation. We imagine that the space we play will be bright and white, open landscape, with objects to be used throughout the show. We imagine working with ‘radical frontality’, which will mean a trough-out body/face frontality or just face or just body, we don’t see it yet.

More infos on the website company.


Choreography: Lee/Vakulya
Dancers: Chen-Wei Lee, Vakulya Zoltan, in progress…
Research: Esse Vanderbruggen
Lighting: Bert Van Dijck
Sound: Gryllus Abris
Visual art, design: Ding Yeh Wang

Length: 50 –  70 min

Coproduction (in progress): CCNR/Yuval Pick, DAS THEATER Staatstheater Darmstadt…

Residencies (in progress): STUK, Ghent, Trafo Budapest, l’animal l’escana Girona…