Joachim Maudet




January 10th to 15th 2022

KLAP - Maison pour la danse, Marseille

As part of the Matières Premières project

WELCOME comes within the scope of the work on relation/dissocation between the body and the voice, intiated with ‘stɔːriz. It’s built on shifts in meaning and images, appearing in a contradictory sound cloud.

The slow walk at the beginning initiates a continue transformation of the bodies, passing from a matieral to another and shape an ensemble of textures, vibrations, resonances, creating stories, expressions and tales.

The voices change continously, spinning from a body to another, weaving singly or all together, sculpting and questioning senses and interpretations. They raise in contradiction, in polyphony, in unison or in reverse.

Through dissociation, accumulation ou contradiction between what happen with the bodies and with the voices, strangeness, irony or even absurdity emerge from the situations : emotion surfaces from these unclassifiable moments, from the discrepancy between what is sais, signified and interpreted.

More infos about WELCOME here.


Choreography : Joachim Maudet
Dancers : Pauline Bigot, Sophie Lèbre & Joachim Maudet
Lights : Nicolas Galland
Sound creation : En cours
Outside look : Yannick Hugron
Voice : Pierre Derycke