Moncef Zebiri

Free Styles

Classe Sick




Classe Sick is a play made for six performers : two female dancers and four male dancers, representing a group of middle school students on a school trip in a castle. Model student, prodigy, distracted, discreet and dreamy, teacher on the nerves; all the characters have their particularity, personality, and their very own dance style. The variety of styles displayed represents the diversity of the dancers on the stage. Therefore, classical dance, breakdance, locking, and the new circus are all combined. 

Through a very demonstrative form of choreography, the piece paints a caricature of the French monarchy and ridicules the visit of these students to this castle in a humorous way. The public is invited to immerse themselves in the protagonist’s vision of French culture and history. The play raises the question of their identification with this past which visibly seems remote to them. 

A massive chandelier influenced by Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors is used on stage as an accessory for the performers, who use a variety of techniques to make this stage design spectacular. 

Premiere : September 29th 2021 – Cusset Theater
As part of the Accueil-studio project

Choreography : Moncef Zebiri
Dancers : Florie Mongrédien, Joël Sossavi, Maïlys Dumas, Rémi Michault, Maxime Vicente, Wassim Beriss (alternating with Nouari Hamadou) 
Stage director : Moncef Zebiri and Mustapha Delli 
Set up designer : « Les Mères Tape-dur » compagny 
Music producer : Arthur Caget and Constant Bankoué 
Lighting director : Mustapha Delli and Valentin Nantas 
Stage manager : Bernard Clerc 
Production : Léa De Saint Jean
Photographs : Tony Noël, Yann Crayssac, Julie Cherki and Caroline Detrez