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LANDFALL — The challenge of a community

Landfall-Erika Zueneli



La Velette Studio / CCNR

As part of the Accueil-studio project

Note of intent

A play for 10 young performers, LANDFALL responds to the desire for a “great form”, to continue exploring in dance the sap of the intimate, but at the friction of a group and the multiple compositions and recompositions that it can create. The group like an organic entity in motion, which unites, opens up, breaks up and rediscovers itself, integrates or rejects the bodies that form it.

Ten individuals who do not seek unison, but rather the dynamic co-existence of energies and sensitivities. In them, there is passion to spare or rather to give away. It springs in spontaneous, animal impulses, full of an overflowing vitality. There is something gently subversive in this fiery energy that connects, bounces from one to the other.

LANDFALL is a playground driven by passion.


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Démo: date to come


Conception & choreography: Erika Zueneli
Choreographer, scenography and artistic associate: Olivier Renouf
Performers: Alice Bisotto, Benjamin Gisaro, Caterina Campo, Charly Simon, Clément Corillon, Elisa Very, Felix Rapela, Louis Affergan, Lola Cires, Matteo Renouf
Dramaturgy: Olivier Hespel
Project assistants: Corentin Stevens, Louise De Bastier
Sound creation: Thomas Turine
Light design: Laurence Halloy
Scenography & costumes: Marie Szersnovicz, en cours
Administration, production & touring: des Organismes vivants & Ta-dah!/Asbl