Compagnie Malka

Bouba Landrille Tchouda



May 2nd to 14th 2022

L'Échappée, Rillieux-la-Pape

As part of the Coproduction project


This title means Noises in Portuguese (Brazilian). It should be understood here as an expression from disadvantaged neighborhoods. So, when someone gives you the spiel, lies, or speak to say nothing, we say in Africa that he is making noise …

In Brazil, this word is used to refer to the din, sounds and noises of the city.

Usually, the noise is defined by the annoyance it produces, like what must be excluded from space or from everyday life. It is what must stop when the lights are turning off over the city and the silence must start reigning. It is what we refuse to listen at, like his neighbor noise, the underground subway, the people dancing… Noises of others!

But these noises, which draw a sound background and indicate the persistence of the world and the time passing, are for me vibrations and rumors of the world. They also express our society.

With Barulhos, I try to capture with the body, these fragments energy, these world cracks.

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Demo : May 12th 2022 l’Échappée

6 dancers on stage
Creation 2022 

Dancers Antoine Bouiges, Hugo Ciona, Julia Derrien, Killian Drecq, Liesbeth Kiebooms, Jules Rozenwajn

Choreography Bouba Landrille Tchouda
Choreographic assistant Lyli Gauthier 
Dramaturgy Dieudonné Niangouna 
Sound composition Yvan Talbot 
Set design Rodrigue Glombard 
Sound creation Victor Severino 
Lights Fabrice Crouzet 
Costumes Claude Murgia 

Production Compagnie Malka