Abdou N'Gom

Cie Stylistik




As part of the Accueil-studio project

To go from one shore to another, to deviate and then to return, to change direction en the way. To re-focus, to lose one’s footing, to re-discover oneself.

REVERSE I SE RÊVER incites questions that animate our existences, and shape our choices. This creative piece is a reflection on our geographical anchors, the migrations of our societies.

Are we shaped by our origins? Can we turn the tide?

In REVERSE I SE RÊVER, I question migrations, movings ; I question my obsession with identity, origins and memory. I challenge myself to re-live events backwards to understand them better and enhance their apprehension.
To see the world in reverse in order to dream differently.
I explore the notion of crossing, of departure point and arrival one. Through this piece where dance and music combine to reveal an artistic offering, I hope to show paths emerging that define and are part of us, paths that we undertook by choice or out of necessity. What are they? Where are they anchored?”

Abdou N’Gom

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Premiere on November 3rd 2021 – Trans’Urbaines festival  in Clermont-Ferrand

Casting & mentions

Choreography Abdou N’Gom
Music composition Frank 2 Louise 

Dancers : Linda Del Nin, Marlène Gobber, Florie Mongrédien, Emeline Nguyen, Willy Razafimanjary
Light creation : Véronique Gougat
Set design : Stylistik company
Costumes : Marie Thouly
Production : Compagnie Stylistik
Co-production : Théâtre Jean Marais (Saint-Fons), Le Briscope (Brignais), CCNR (Centre National de Rilleux-La-Pape, Le Grand Angle (Voiron), Le C.H.R.D