by Yuval Pick

Philosophy and method 

is the method Yuval Pick has been developing for several years. It nourishes his dance and it is the daily training of his company’s dancers.
Practice offers professional dancers and dance-lovers tools to connect with their bodies and to meet those of others in a different way, through our creativity and imagination.
In this method, every movement is considered as an action, materialized by a precise intention. Each intentioned action is a manifestation of the self.  This fundamental principleopposes the idea that movement must produces an aesthetic form.

To enable dancers to discover actions, Yuval Pick developed a work on the "imaginary body». Through playful and organic images, the "imaginary body" is awakened and transform one's perception of the body. These different images, often draw from mineral, animal or plants world, allow the participant to make actions and to find their intentions.

In Practice we generate the sensation of continual movement in our central axis. We initiate rotation movements around the spine to become more flexible, mobile, and supple. We activate movement paths that start in the center and open outward, reinforcing the connection between the upper and lower body. We use rebounds, rhythms, and successive actions to find a broader range of movement, and to motivate relation between body and gravity.  

This work gives access to an “internal spiral” that puts the body in asymmetrical and off-balanced situations, which allows us to create varied displacement trajectories. Space becomes a playground; we explore it, modify it, rearrange and invent it. We welcome here the unexpected, exercising it with joy and enthusiasm.
We practice here to challenge and liberate ourselves, to dare to discover and to take pleasure in moving toward the unknown. 

Practice enables people to realize that the space between us can be modified and adjustable.It can be invented, reinvented, worked on.”

Professional dancers
Workshops at Micadanses Paris
Workshops and morning classes at CN D Lyon and Paris
Workshops and morning classes at Pacifique CDCN, Grenoble Dance students from CNDC d’Angers
Interns from CNSMD Lyon
Interns from CNSMD Paris Dance students from Manufacture d’Aurillac
Dance students from Xinghai Conservatory of Guangzhou (China)    

Students from the Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University Students from Sciences Po Lyon
Students from the « L’École supérieure du professorat et de l’éducation de l’académie de Lyon (ESPE) »
Young people from the city of Rillieux-la-Pape
Patients from the Centre Hospitalier « Le Vinatier » 
Patients from the l’Institut Médico-Educatif de Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy
Prisoners from the Corbas Prison
Experience Practice before or after the company shows :
-National Forum of Music, Wroclaw (Poland)
-La Scène Nationale de Saint-Nazaire
-L’Empreinte, Scène Nationale Brive - Tulle
-KLAP, Maison pour la danse, Marseille
-l’Autre Scène du Grand Avignon, Vedène …